Sew Your Own Snack Pack: Dec 2, 2017 – POSTPONED

Time:      Saturday, December 2nd, 10am-12pm
Place:     The Mergatroid Building; 975 Vernon Drive in East Vancouver
Cost:       Workshop $15/person (includes all supplies, plus baked goods & coffee/tea)

How many times a day do you wish you had a small, waterproof bag to put your snacks in? Well, wish no more. Not only can you make one for yourself, but with the guidance in this beginners class, you’ll soon be making them for all your friends. Let the snack party begin!

We ask that students come with basic sewing experience and their own machine. You will also need a zipper foot (ask us, if you don’t know what that looks like). If you don’t have a machine, but are desperate to take the class, we may have one or two available to borrow. We will provide zippers and waterproof liner. Some fabrics will be on hand for the outer pouch as well, and you are welcome to bring your own if you have a favourite print you want to use.

Kidspace optional: $10/child (refreshments and activities for your child for the two hours of your workshop).

Instructor: Michelle Burt is a physiotherapist living in East Vancouver. She cooks delicious Korean food, knits stuff, and loves to take classes to learn things she doesn’t know how to do. As the proud mother of two school-aged children, she has a constant and persistent need for snack bags, which she makes herself.


snack pack all

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