Three Ways to Christmas (Cards): Dec 12, 2017 – CLOSED

Time:      Tuesday, December 12th, 6:00-7:30pm
Place:     The Mergatroid Building; 975 Vernon Drive in East Vancouver
Cost:       Workshop $15/person (includes all supplies, vegan soup & bread for dinner)

Oh you know it. Christmas is coming. Like a sparkly, gift wrapped freight train down the track of your already busy life.

We know every year you think about making things for people. And we know that every year, the season is upon you before you even have time to hear the train whistling.

So this year, wouldn’t it be nice to take a moment, step off the track, eat a bowl of soup, and enjoy the tinkly sounds of the season coming from the far off locomotive? All while making cards for your beloveds, in the company of other lovely folks, while your children play peacefully in another room?

Join us for this card making workshop and you can have all this and more! We’ll be learning three techniques – one watercolour, one enclosure, one pop up. We’ll have all the supplies for you to get started and these are easy techniques to continue at home – so you can make them for all your friends!

Kidspace optional: $10/child (refreshments and activities for your child for the two hours of your workshop).

Instructors: Helen Hughes founded Windsor House School, a public school experiment in non-coercive democratic education that’s been running 50 years or so. She raised three children and is the grandparent of four. She’s also a watercolour painter and loves learning new creative techniques. Jaya Heikoop is Helen’s grandson. He loves bookmaking and has a range of techniques he’s developed for making interesting pages or standalone cards.



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