Clawhammer Ukulele

Time:      Sunday, April 29. 10:30-11:30 (come early for muffins!)
Place:     The Mergatroid Building; 955 Vernon Drive in East Vancouver
Cost:       Workshop $30/adult; $15/youth (18 and under)

Clawhammer is a rhythmic and organic playing style that combines downward strums with thumb picking in a relatively simple pattern. Adapted from the 5 string banjo, Clawhammer is a great way to add variety to your ukulele playing.

With a focus on hints and tips to make the basic mechanics easier, Paul will teach the basic right hand technique. As time allows, he will introduce a number of variations and will incorporate them into simple songs.

This class is all ages, recommended for players aged 10+ who can make the C, D, F, and G chords. Please bring you own ukulele tuned to GCEA. A high “G” string is preferable,  but you can learn the techniques with a low G.

Kidspace optional: $10/child (refreshments and activities for your child for the duration of your workshop).



  1. Hi – we spoke at the EVOS about this workshop. Ack. I’m in Seattle this weekend. If you have another workshop further in advance, I’ll book myself in, if I can.


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