Beginner Forging (Tuesday, Feb 6)

Time:      Tuesday, February 6, 2018 7:30-11:00pm
Place:     The Vancouver Hack Space on Cook Street
Cost:       Sliding scale $30-50/person (includes all supplies and marshmallows)

Learn how to bend metal with your mind. Okay, maybe not your mind, but bending metal with fire is pretty cool too!

This workshop will have you setting and tending the forging fire, learning simple forging techniques such as bending, twisting, drawing out, and finishing a small piece. Participants will make and take home a simple S-hook or J-hook. Work gloves will be provided, but please bring a water bottle – this work can get hot!

Unfortunately, children are not able to attend this workshop. All supplies and marshmallows are included in the cost of the class.

Instructor: Ivan holds certificates in blacksmithing and metal casting from the Kootenay School of the Arts, and is currently completing his fourth year in Emily Carr’s Bachelor of Industrial Design program. He’s really interested in maker culture, re-skilling, and all sorts of co-creation. He will start a dialogue about any of those subjects if you give him a chance…you’ve been warned 🙂


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