Gothic Science: Mummies in Real Life!

Time:      Tuesday, March 12, 2018 6:00pm-8:00pm (dinner at 6, talk at 6:30)
Place:     The Mergatroid Building; 975 Vernon Drive in East Vancouver
Cost:       Workshop $8-16/person (vegan/vegetarian dinner optional)

Gothic Science is all about the science behind mummies, zombies, vampires, cannibals, giant bugs, things with tentacles, and everything else you learned to love by watching horror movies.

Our next talk is all about mummies. Mummies are one of the classic movie monsters–but what do we really know about mummies in real life? What are the two main categories of mummy? How do scientists separate one kind of mummy from another? Most Mummy-themed movies take place in Egypt, or in museums full of Egyptian artifacts. Are there mummies anywhere else in the world? What do the mummies of different cultures around the world look like, and how they were they made? Who made the very first mummies? And are there modern, high-tech mummies today?

Are all mummies made from human beings?

We’ll have answers to these and many other questions this month in Arinn Dembo’s Gothic Science Class!”

Content Warning: This class contains images of real mummies from around the world! Science is cool but also sometimes scary.

Vegetarian/vegan dinner optional (add $8)

Kidspace optional: $6-12/child (dinner optional)).

Instructor: Arinn Dembo is a writer and game developer with over twenty-five years of professional experience in journalism, narrative design, screenwriting and literary fiction. She holds a degree in Anthropology and a second degree in Classical Archaeology. She has made two cameo appearances in zero budget horror movies, rowed at the oars aboard a Viking ship, and won a few awards for her photography and cinematography. Nonetheless, she considers her two adult daughters to be her best work to date.


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