Make a Community Crankie Scroll

Time:      POSTPONED: new date coming soon!
Place:     The Mergatroid Building; 955 Vernon Drive in East Vancouver
Cost:       Family $30 – $50; Individual $15 – $25

Crankies are a wonderful, rather magical, way of illustrating a story or song.  A long roll of paper or fabric allows the images to slowly scroll by while live performers play, sing, or recite. While they have no fixed tradition, crankies have been enjoyed in homes, Vaudeville stages, and even radical puppet troupes.  In the past decade they have been experiencing a renewed wave of interest. They provide a beautiful opportunity to come together, to collaborate, and make art. All ages and all talents levels welcome and encouraged.

In this workshop, all ages of people will come together and collectively make a crankie scroll. It’s kind of like a music jam, but no musical (or drawing) talent necessary.  At the end, we will sing our song and crank our crankie and know we did good work. We will have fun together, and make a beautiful thing.

While the scroll will remain in the community, we will record and share a video of the completed crankie for you to share with your friends and family.

Here’s a scroll made by Clara, with music by Paul:

Here’s a collectively made crankie from the Oly Old Time Festival :

Here’s an example of when  Crankie’s get fancy:

Event requires a minimum of 4 individual or family tickets to run.  Tickets will be refunded for those purchased if workshop doesn’t run.

The facilitators: Paul, Sam and Clara will bring all the supplies and guide us through all the steps.  This workshop is for adults, young children, youth and everyone else. It is truly a lovely opportunity to collaborate intergenerationally and enjoy the experience of collectively making music and art. Paul is also known as Professor Banjo. You can find out all about him here

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