Fix it Friday Drop in

Time:     Second Friday of the month, 6:00 – 8:00pm (No drop in for July. Upcoming date: August 10th, 2018)
Place:     2643 East Hastings
Cost:      $5 for active participants (includes adults, and kids over 12 working on their own projects). $12 for a family (up to two adults and two participating kids). Kids 12 and under (or those helping on other people’s projects) are free. Cost covers supplies.

Fix-it Friday is an event for the whole family! Bring your bits of broken things and repair them while getting to know new people and eating some good food.

All small jobs welcome. For example: a toaster that needs a new cord (please bring the cord you want to attach); a broken glass lid (we’ll have glue); a lamp shade that needs mending (we’ll problem solve with you), broken umbrellas. There will be space to spread out, so if you want to haul in that squeaky kitchen chair, we can make room for that too. If you’re not exactly sure how to fix something, just ask…we’ll be sharing what we know and learning together.

Cost of the drop in includes tools and glues. We will have a selection of fixing supplies on hand – and you’re also invited you to bring anything you know you’ll need, in case we don’t have it!

Kids are also invited to help around the fix-it table or play in the unsupervised play area.

Facilitator: The event will be facilitated by Kelsey and Surya, who have their own overflowing box of broken things just waiting for a night like this.


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