Talk with Helen: For Educators

Time:      Thursday, August 23. 6:30-8:00pm
Place:     The Learnary, 2643 East Hastings Street on Coast Salish Territory in Vancouver
Cost:       $10 suggested donation (registration is greatly appreciated, but not required)

This is a discussion based event for classroom teachers and community educators looking to build community and inspiration in their projects and explore their teaching practice.  Specifically we will focus on the themes of building deep respect, participatory democracy, and curiosity based engagement. Bring ideas and experiences you want to talk about, meet others, discuss, eat, share and learn.

This event is inspired by one of our members who is a new public-school teacher and wants a place to talk about the nitty-gritty of these topics in their classroom. 


Helen Hughes is the founder and matriarch of Windsor House Democratic School with 6 decades of teaching experience – and has tried a lot of things; what’s more she is a delightful person to spend an evening talking with. Her favourite thing to do is have unpredictable conversations about education with a group of keen people.

Sam Mills is a long time mentee of Helen’s, with over 2 decades of community education experience; she is not quite so delightful nor unpredictable as Helen, but she is pretty fun and will help facilitate an enjoyable and useful evening.


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