About Us

The Learnary is a place for folks of all ages to come eat, drink and learn. It’s part cafe, part classroom, and all community.

On a regular basis, we offer Monthlies, drop-in times where folks will share what they know and learn from each other, on a variety of topics from bike repair to knitting to home brewing. Throughout the month we will also offer Workshops you can sign up for, on any subject anyone wants to teach. These might be things such as how to make a tiny book, everything you ever wanted to know about bats, beginners weaving, how to dress like a “gentleman” and more. We will also be providing a facilitated Kidspace, where the younger members of the family can have fun and learn something while their parents eat dinner, sip a cold beer, or take a class.

Like the idea? Have suggestions? Join our mailing list or can get in touch with us here.



  1. Congratulations Surya and Helen!!! This is extremely exciting news. The Learnery has been gestating for a while and I am delighted to hear of its imminent birth. Breathe deep…


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