Who’s behind all this

The Learnary is the collaborative idea of Helen Hughes and Surya Govender. We are both educators, with a strong streak of curiosity, a love of the creative, and a high tolerance of chaos (Helen more than Surya, but still).

Helen founded Windsor House School, a public school experiment in non-coercive democratic education that’s been running 50 years or so. She also raised three children and is the grandparent of four. She’s an activist for social and environmental justice, an advocate for young people and a beloved community member.

Surya has had a much more checkered past, with forays into personal shopping, tractor driving, health research, community garden building, government bureaucracy, and most recently, university instruction. She is also the parent of two small children and the co-manager of a tiny homestead in the middle of the city (aka her house).

We met two weeks after Surya met her husband to be (Helen’s son), and it’s only taken us this long to start a project together because, well, life. We are super excited to be bringing our love of learning and community to a project we have long wanted to see a reality. We hope you’ll join us in making the dream come true!