Get involved

Like the idea of The Learnary? There are so many ways you can get involved.


With our new space all lined up, we are in need of volunteers of all kinds. If you like painting walls, building furniture, washing walls, etc., get in touch with us and find out when our next work party is going to be. We’d love to meet you and put you to work!


We’d love you help getting the word out! If you always wanted to be a cheerleader but weren’t sure the pompoms looked good with your hair, now’s your chance to get out on the field and yell your heart out. Or, you know, put up a poster. We have lots of printed material that needs to get out to get seen. One hour of postering equals one free class (must be prearranged ;-)!


We’re always looking for teachers with something new and quirky to share. Take a look at our teaching page to learn more.


And of course, you can take a class! We’re nothing without students to take the classes, so sign up, bring a friend, and learn something new today!