And the Skylark Sings with Me - Adventures in Homeschooling and Community-Based Education


From New Society Publishers
Acting on their conviction that to educate a child well is to enable her to find her destiny, David Albert and his partner Ellen listened carefully, with respect and with love, to how their children expressed their own learning needs. Leaving traditional homeschooling methods behind, they followed their daughters' unique knowledge quests-from astronomy and botany, to opera and mythology-and then went about finding the resources and opportunities to meet those needs within their community.

Gracefully written, And the Skylark Sings with Me passionately illustrates that real learning is much richer and more mysterious than any school can encompass.

About the Authors
David Albert is a storyteller, writer, and senior planner and policy analyst with the Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and a contributor to Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope. Albert lives with his family in Olympia, Washington. He has written several books, including And the Skylark Sings With Me, The Healing Heart-Family and The Healing Heart-Community.

"David Albert's And the skylark sings with me is a beautifully told story about how he and his wife are raising their daughters outside of conventional schooling, and the amazing results that they see unfolding before them. Albert's careful descriptions of what he and his wife do to nurture, support, and direct their children's learning will give heart to parents worried that before they can help their children learn about wolves, astronomy, biology, nature, math, and music — to name a few of the subjects covered — they must become certified teachers". A joyous and memorable book!"
Pat Farenga, President, Holt Associates, publisher, Growing Without Schooling