Atlas Of Amazing Architecture: The Most Incredible Buildings You've Never Heard Of


'Both young and older readers will be drawn in, delighting in a wide ranging exploration of fascinating buildings who are now getting a bit more exposure thanks to this fun and informative book'. --The AOI

'The illustrations are fresh and the book has a whimsical feel about it. It’s unusual and delightful and it should definitely be on any parents list!' --The Portugal News

'Bursting with fascinating detail, this book is ideal for any budding young architect'. --BookTrust

'A wonderful book to generate interest in the built environment'. --Goodreads

Explore the world of architecture as you’ve never seen it before, from tiny shacks to vast palaces – and everything in between!

This atlas of architectural wonders eschews the classic children’s book fare of the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal, and instead takes a broader view of what constitutes amazing architecture. Buildings include: the Jameh mosque of Isfahan in Iran, Native American plank houses in New Mexico, Stave Churches in Norway, The Djinguereber Mosque in Mali, and extraordinary 18th century wooden churches on Kizhi Island, Russia.

Over 50 buildings span all the continents equally throughout history. Each of these buildings is visually striking and architecturally noteworthy; they introduce new engineering technologies or define a movement or capture the essence of a moment in human history. However, despite their significance, they are, for the most part, not part of the main Western architectural canon.

This book seeks out a more diverse, inclusive approach to what constitutes amazing architecture, and presents it with fresh illustration and clear, punchy text.