Basic Set - 6 x 60mL High Viscosity Acrylics by Tri-Art Mfg

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Set includes: 60mL tubes of Tri-Art High Viscosity Acrylics in Arylide Yellow Medium, Burnt Umber, Carbon Black, Permanent Crimson, Phthalo Blue Green Shade and Titanium White. PLUS a 120mL jar of Gloss Gel Medium!

A high performance paint known for its unique consistency, vibrancy and range of colour selection. Colours are thick and creamy with the ability to hold extreme textures and the fidelity and signature of a brush stroke normally associated with oil paints. It is manufactured with 100% finest acrylic emulsion and highest-grade pigments to reveal authentic pigment characteristics and colour chroma.

The rich colours are smooth and easily manipulated with a brush or palette knife.

Made in Canada. Tri-Art's original goal is to produce the best product possible for artists. To this day, making quality products for every level of expression has remained our objective.