Abalone Shell Gift Sets - Beam Paints


Some of our favourite colours in an abalone shell, with a #4 travel brush, watercolour paper, sage, 4 paint stones. and a waxed cloth wrapper! These shells can be used as a palette and carrier. They symbolize a great star that appeared in the sky to guide the Anishinaabe people in their great migrations, prior to European contact.

Comes with 4 paint stones.  Colours may be different then shown here, and can be swapped out for the colours of your choice from our paint stone board. 

The shell is commonly used to hold a ‘smudge’.  A bit of white sage and other plants burned in the shell and their smoke would dispel negative energy, and carry prayers to the creator. I like to do a little smudge before painting, it’s a centering practice. (The healthy forest set here is different from our other one:)

Comes wrapped up in a paper tape label, with a paper inside about us ready to go for gifting!