DIY Miniature Paper Boat Craft Kit by My Papercut Forest


This DIY kit is designed and ready to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of 3D Paper Cutting! You will create a gorgeous Sea Scene that you can put in a dome and give as a gift.
There's an extra 2D project on the box, because why not?
Kit includes:
- a Craft Knife
- 5 extra blades
- A5 self healing mat
- 1 Instruction booklet with photos
- 1 Dome
- Practise sheet
- 3 Papercutting patterns for the waves
- 2 book pages
- 1 Sticker
- 1 Frame for an extra 2D project!
This kit is presented in a box with a cut out pattern of My Papercut Forest Logo in the front and a sticker at the back.
This box does NOT include: glue, ruler, batteries