DIY Miniature Paper Boat Craft Kit by My Papercut Forest

$38.40 $64.00
$38.40 $64.00you save $25.60

This DIY kit is designed and ready to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of 3D Paper Cutting! You will create a gorgeous Sea Scene that you can put in a dome and give as a gift.
There's an extra 2D project on the box, because why not?
Kit includes:
- a Craft Knife
- 5 extra blades
- A5 self healing mat
- 1 Instruction booklet with photos
- 1 Dome
- Practise sheet
- 3 Papercutting patterns for the waves
- 2 book pages
- 1 Sticker
- 1 Frame for an extra 2D project!
This kit is presented in a box with a cut out pattern of My Papercut Forest Logo in the front and a sticker at the back.
This box does NOT include: glue, ruler, batteries