Pencil Sharpener that Works! & Replacement blades.

A pencil sharpener that works! - We kid you not.  
Never did we imagine that when we started The Learnary, we would be changing the way that east Van sharpens their pencils.  This has been one of The Learnary's very best sellers.  They are great, mostly because they are completely functional sharp, easy to unstick stuck leads, and catch the shaving. 
This dual plastic sharpener is perfect for even the larger Stockmar, Mercurius, Yorik and Lyra coloured pencils up to 10 mm in diameter and for regular pencils. Comes in four bright colours.
We sell replacement blades.  These are spare blades designed for this pencil sharpener. However they are fairly standard in shape, and work for many other sharpeners as well.