Fluster: The Game of Unforgettable Conversations : Base Game and Expansion Packs: Laugh & Spicy


This deck of unusual questions inspires memorable moments, hilarious stories, and deeper connections between friends. The stylish design and compact size make it perfect to bring to a party, pack for a road trip, or leave on your coffee table to spark spontaneous conversations.

Works with two or more players. Recommended for ages 14+. Games can be as long or as short as you want!

Your FLUSTER deck includes:

  • 100 question cards, with three levels of intensity
  • 8 reaction cards, to reward interesting answers and keep people honest
  • 10 FLUSTER cards, to turn a question back on the asker
  • 8 Around the Horn cards, to open a question up to everyone
  • A How To FLUSTER booklet, with several ways to play

FLUSTER comes in a high-quality box with a magnetic flap lid and intricate spot UV design. Cards are printed on 300gsm greycore cardstock with linen embossing


LAUGH Expansion Pack (Sold seperately).

FLUSTER can get kind of heavy, which is why we made the Laugh Pack. This expansion pack brings some comic relief with questions about hilarious mishaps, bizarre thoughts, and the things that make us laugh (whether we want to or not). 

In addition to 27 all-new questions, the Laugh Pack also includes three Rewrite Cards. Think a question could be funnier? Play a Rewrite Card and punch it up by changing a word. 

Explore your friends' senses of humour and bring out their funniest stories with questions like:

"When was a time you greatly overestimated your own abilities?"

and "What's something you can't believe you used to find funny?"


SPICY Expansion Pack (Sold Separately) 

This expansion pack brings some spice to your FLUSTER games with questions about sex, relationships, attraction, identity, and more! These questions will open up thoughtful, vulnerable, and sometimes funny conversations about topics we think about a lot, but don't always have a way to talk about.

Based on our incredibly popular SEXpansion Pack, this new edition is completely overhauled with new and revised questions. In addition to 27 question cards, the Spicy Pack also features three Blind Date cards, which let you trade hands with another player. 

Go deeper into the minds of friends and partners with questions like, 

“If you could have learned one thing about sex earlier than you did, what would you choose?”

and, "What sex-related act do you think is overrated?"