Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Elements : The Powers, Uses, and Histories of Every Atom in the Universe


A gorgeous nonfiction book for kids from bestselling artist and author Lisa Congdon!
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Elements leads young readers in an exploration of all 118 known elements.
From their discoveries to their uses to their special properties, this vibrant book explores all things elements.
• A visually stunning tour of the periodic table
• Complete with profiles of notable scientists, amazing infographics, and more
• Features an illustrated history of the periodic table's origins
This artful survey of the elements combines science, history, trivia, humor, and endless fascination for science enthusiasts of every age.
Middle grade readers will delight in this interesting take on the periodic table of elements.
• Great for science lovers and Lisa Congdon fans alike
• Resonates year-round as a go-to gift for birthdays and holidays for the science-loving kid
• Perfect for children ages 10 and up
• Equal parts educational and entertaining, this makes a great pick for parents and grandparents, as well as librarians, science teachers, and STEM educators.