Makedo: Cardboard Construction Tool 40 Scru Add on

Makedo is our best selling and most stupendous building tool.

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These little screws, which look similar to a dry wall screw, are used for attaching cardboard together. The attachments are made easily, and with a great deal of versatility. Attach two pieces together in a single place, and you have something that pivots. Attach in two places, and you have a strong and stable attachment. They allow you to build giant cardboard constructions without needing a giant cardboard box. Think: forts, aeroplanes, houses with garden boxes and shutters. When they are in use, it can become a big project. When you are not using them, they fold into a nice little bag.

The materials say 4+ with and adult and 6+ for kids playing together. However my 3 year old would be entertained for hours putting a screw in and out of a box.

For one family we recommend a base kit and expansion kit and a metal saw (different item on The learnary site. . This will be sufficient.
For big groups such as community centres and classrooms, we have larger packages so that you can build yourself a more expansive kit for larger numbers.

To use. Cut the cardboard to size you want. Use the poky part on the tool to punch a hole in the cardboard where you want the scru to go. Screw in the scru