Nikki McClure Wall Calendar 2024: Connect


2024 Wall Calendar: Connect

This year's themes: Notice, Reconnect, Calculate, Include, Adjust, Still, Drift, Gone, Illuminate, Thank You For The Party, Determine, and Enjoy.

For twenty-five years, Nikki has created Propaganda for the Real.

And there's a good reason Nikki's calendars have become a staple in kitchens, offices and schools — they're amazing.

Each month is a different image from her original papercuts; cut from a single piece of black paper with an x-acto knife. 

Nikki features strong images of everyday life, each with a powerful verb that inspires action.

NIkki McClure lives in Olympia, Washington under cedar trees along the eastern shore of the Southern Salish Sea.  Nikki uses an x-acto knife to cut her designs into paper.

Calendar printed in Portland, Oregon by union-labor.

Size: 12" x 12"