Pysanky Egg Supplies - Black Beeswax Puck


These pure beeswax pucks are coloured to help you see the written lines on the egg shell surface. It flows smoothly through even the finest kistka tip.

BeePucks are made from triple filtered beeswax that work perfectly with your candle heated kistka or electric kistka. When your kistka is hot, gently move the kistka reservoir up the side of the BeePuck to fill or scrape off small pieces to put inside the kistka reservoir.

Beeswax Baby BeePuck 9g

User Note: Never gouge a cold kistka reservoir into a cold block of beeswax or it will loosen the pen tip of the kistka. 

Ukrainian Eggcessories is a small, Canadian company, which manufactures the majority of their supplies in Canada.