The Mischief Maker's Handbook


Learn how to make mischief with thishilarious, fully illustrated handbook. Clear step-by-step activities and annotated diagrams will transform you into the mischief-maker that you've always wanted to be. From turning your body into an orchestra, to making invisible ink and rubber band catapults, it's all covered in this comprehensive guide.
The book includestop-secret DIY hacks to make your own practical jokes, exasperating questions to ask adults, and top tips on how to get away with (almost) anything!
Written by Mike Barfield, the barmy brains behindThe Ultimate Wisecrack Generator,The Element in the Room, and many more, who has over 25 years' experience of working in TV, radio, books, newspapers and magazines, and also enjoys performing in schools, libraries, bookshops, and festivals, often dressed as a giant housefly.
The Mischief Maker's Handbook isexpertly illustrated by Frankfurt-based illustrator Jan Buchczik, whose clients includeThe New York Times,The Guardian, andVanity Fair.
This book is sure to make grown-ups groan, teachers tremble, siblings sigh and family and friends freak out as it's packed-full with instructions and hilarious tips throughout. Its chapters include: Make a Fake, Flying Things and Flinging Things, Sneaky Science, Noisy Toys, Busy Bodies, Mad Magic, and Champion Challenges.