The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

We love this book, because it is about a small kid, who notices that collectively, things could be better. She gives voice to it, and it helps. 'Meaness' is framed as a collective thing, that we all have responsibility for, rather than the isolated action of one 'bad apple'. It is simple, and kind, and useful. It is a book about stepping up for what is right around you, and making that better. It is also a beautiful book, illustrated by one of our favourite illustrators.

Justin Roberts (Author), Christian Robinson (Illustrator).

From the publishers
Hardly anyone noticed young Sally McCabe.
She was the smallest girl in the smallest grade.

But Sally notices everything—from the twenty-seven keys on the janitor’s ring to the bullying happening on the playground. One day, Sally has had enough and decides to make herself heard. And when she takes a chance and stands up to the bullies, she finds that one small girl can make a big difference.

Grammy-nominated children’s musician Justin Roberts, together with vibrant artwork from award-winning illustrator Christian Robinson, will have readers cheering for young Sally McCabe.