Look to the Sky Star Wheel Planisphere by Wild Life Outdoor Adventures


For finding your way around the starry sky, there's no better tool than a star wheel. Also called a planisphere, a star wheel is a must-have for all stargazers.

The "Look To The Sky" Star Planisphere Wheel is a must for any stargazer, regardless of skill-level, but it is especially useful for beginners.

 Inner dial is printed on 24PT thick, durable, laminated gloss material to create the ultimate weather-proof tool. Wrapped in a soft-touch laminated card stock.

An extremely easy to use tool that helps you learn the location of constellations, bright stars, and deep-sky objects.

Simply dial in the date and time, and our Star Planisphere Wheel shows you the sky overhead a great learning tool for use with your telescope, binocular, or even the naked eye.

Designed for use within the northern hemisphere regardless of calendar year - shows locations of star clusters, and galaxies.

Mounted on a coated, dew-resistant cardboard

Made in Canada