Wood Shop Handy Skills and Creative Building Projects for Kids

We are thrilled to have this book in the shop. It takes the work and kids' ability to do it so seriously. It makes the projects doable, and teaches the craft. It's joyful, respectful, and inspiring. Check out the page images.

Recommended for Kids ages 8 - 12

by Margaret Larson

From Workman Publishers
“Wood Shop by Margaret Larson should be required reading for all elementary-age children. From the gorgeous photos and illustrations to the detailed project plans and tool introductions, Wood Shop presents woodworking and making in a fun and informative way. These projects encourage building and bonding, which strengthen relationships and form self-reliance. Larson understands that children are extremely capable, and Wood Shop is the ideal book to introduce skills that will last a lifetime.” — Timothy Dahl, cofounder of Built by Kids

“This thoroughly appealing and empowering starter course in woodworking skills is a first purchase for libraries serving young makers.” — School Library Journal