Volunteer at The Learnary

As a non-profit, we encourage folks to become members of The Vancouver Learnary Society. Those who contribute 12 hours of volunteer time a year become voting members and get to help us guide the direction of the society.

And, with our new space all lined up, we are in need of volunteers of all kinds! Here are some examples of what we need. If you don’t see anything that sparks your interest here, don’t let that stop you…we can find the right job for you!

Volunteer Jobs

  • Inventory specialists. We are now ordering for the shop and because we’re wanting some fairly specialized items, we’d love some help tracking down the best things. If you love internet research and “comparison shopping”, we have a job for you.
  • Special event volunteers for September 1st, and September 9th. Jobs will include welcoming folks to the space, facilitating activities, monitoring our green waste station, and more.
  • Website design and maintenance. We’re doing it ourselves for now, but if you have mad skills you want to share, we’d be happy to let someone else teach us how it’s done!
  • General help. If you like painting walls, building furniture, washing walls, etc., get in touch with us and find out when our next work party is going to be. We’d love to meet you and put you to work!
  • Cheerleaders. We’d also love your help getting the word out. If you always wanted to be a cheerleader but weren’t sure the pompoms looked good with your hair, now’s your chance to get out on the field and yell your heart out. Or, you know, put up a poster. We have lots of printed material that needs to get out to get seen.