What people say about us

Learned two great tunes, lots of technique and extras. The lesson accommodated everybody’s range of skills and it was great fun being in a group of banjo players lead by a superb and entertaining instructor. More workshops please!

David Irwin

This was a great art class held in a fun and encouraging environment. Definitely recommend to others!

Brenda Diaz

It was super fun and I would like to see more! And I hope there’s going to be one on mummies!

Cordelia Bonnycastle

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. We learned a lot in one hour. If Paul offers another ukulele workshop I’ll sign up for sure!

Jane Degnan

This was a fabulous intro class and we were able to complete a project to take home with us. Ivan was wonderful instructor, learned lots of good info and the basics to get started with forging. Lots of fun!

Rhonda Zeer

Great class. Ivan is a patient and competent instructor. Bonus points for the vegan marshmallows!

Katie Boyd

I got to know a young woman from China who came to the event to find a community. That was such a bonus on top of a fun evening with friends and family.

Fluster Participant

Very cool, great presentation and easy to follow. Look forward to more of the Learnery!

Dylan Goggs

It was awesome. Love the conversation, wish we had more time. Great that you had tea & cookies =)

Lori Snyder