Donate to The Learnary


Have some cash lying around? Some loonies burning a hole in your pocket? Well, you’re in luck. It’s never been easier to donate to The Learnary! Just click here and away you go…


And even better – thanks to our generous supporters at the Transforming Education Society – we are now able to issue charitable tax receipts!

Wish List

Since many of you have asked, we’re sharing our Wish List to let you know what kind of help would be most, well, helpful, right now. Of course, we are also open to offers of things we never thought to ask for ;-).

  • A small, clean, working microwave.
  • Curtains made to fit a couple of small places – to pretty up/hide the areas behind.
  • Two drawer lateral filing cabinet in good shape.
  • Small to medium sized mirrors with fancy frames. For decorating with.
  • Wool sweaters. Preferably lambswool, heavier merino, or cashmere. For cutting up and making things with.
  • Fabric in sunset colours.
  • Leather belts for a cool project.
  • Old jeans for making aprons (work party coming up!)

We’ve recently been offered a printer and a table. So those are off our list!

If you have something you’d like to donate, you can email us at to arrange pick up/delivery/carrier pigeon.