Wish List

Since many of you have asked, we’re sharing our Wish List to let you know what kind of help would be most, well, helpful, right now. Of course, we are also open to offers of things we never thought to ask for ;-).

Stuff We Need

  • Three or four tables. We are not sure if we want round ones or ones with sides, but we know we want them to be made of wood and they should help us build a “school house meets curiousity shop” vibe.
  • A few more wooden chairs. If they’re pretty, we’ll leave them as is. If not, we’ll paint them.
  • Plasticine. Any colour. For June 17th boat making!
  • Small to medium sized mirrors with fancy frames. For decorating with.
  • Cashmere sweaters. For cutting up.
  • Fabric in sunset colours.
  • Leather belts for a cool project.
  • Old jeans for making aprons (work party coming up!)

Volunteer Jobs

  • Painters for the new space. No previous experience or skills required.
  • Brawn/Muscle. For moving a couple of things.
  • Boat building facilitators. We have a booth at the Science and Maker Jamboree on June 17th at Granville Island. We’ll be helping folks of all ages build boats out of plasticine (for bragging rights on how many pennies their boat can hold) or wood (to take home and float). We need folks to help make that happen.
  • Special event volunteers for July 30th, September 1st, and September 9th. Jobs will include welcoming folks to the space, facilitating activities, monitoring our green waste station, and more.
  • Website design and maintenance. We’re doing it ourselves for now, but if you have mad skills you want to share, we’d be happy to let someone else teach us how it’s done!

We are building a membership model that will take volunteer hours into consideration, so this kind of contribution won’t go unrecognized! If you have something you’d like to donate, you can email us at becurious@thelearnary.ca to arrange pick up/delivery/carrier pigeon.