Teaching at The Learnary

There are lots of places to learn in this city, but nowhere quite like this. We think of ourselves as the Internet of Vancouver, only real life. We’re where people come to find out what they never knew they wanted to know!

Learnary teachers are folks who know something about something. They want to share what they know and they’re excited to be a part of the community. We’re not looking for famous experts or artisans. We have a huge respect for these folks, we’re just not in that business.

We’re looking for unique, strange, quirky, unusual…you can see where we’re going here. We like to offer a range of classes – from how to’s to what if’s. The best way to know if your idea is a good fit is to ask.

Do I have to know how to teach?

If you have teaching experience, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s also great. We’re looking for people who have experience in, and passion for, their chosen subject and who want to share both their knowledge and their enthusiasm.

If you’ve never taught before, or even if you have, we can give you some tips on teaching in this environment. We also ask the students to give feedback, so this is a chance for you to learn too. If the class turns out to be popular, we’ll work with you to schedule another one soon. If it looks like we could improve on the experience, we’ll work with you on that. But like we say, it’s a lot about passion and everything about learning.

The Learnary is built on its own special brand of chaos and community. You need to be into that kind of thing. You probably won’t find binders in our “classrooms” and we definitely don’t do tests. Unless you’re teaching a class on “how to ace a test” or something like that. But generally speaking, this is a casual, welcoming space that encourages people to be curious, ask questions, and get to know each other.

How does it work?

First, you come to us and say, “hey, I want to teach…”.

Then we say, “yay!”

Then we have to make some decisions.

What kind of a class will it be? Classroom-based, maker-style, lecture-style, a fieldtrip, a performance piece, etc… ? It should make sense to your subject matter, but really, anything goes.

How long will it be? An hour and a half is generally good for a casual evening offering. Some topics might lend themselves to a more in-depth approach over a few weeks. At this point, classes can run any length of time, depending on what they offer, but we’re really interested in keeping the costs down and the options open. So shorter is usually better.

How are we going to talk about it? We’ll ask you to give us a bit of information about what you want to do, then we’ll fine tune that into a workshop announcement. Then we get it out into our community and let the students come!

Who does what?

We will provide the space, the supplies, and the students. You bring a willingness to share and the ability to hold space for others to learn. We take care of all the registration stuff. When the day comes, we’ll help you set up and make the Kidspace and cafe available for students as they come in. You just focus on what you’re teaching and having fun!

Will I get paid?

First time teachers with us are asked to volunteer a class. This is a good way to get to know each other and how this all works. We will take care of the supplies and provide you with refreshments, so you won’t be out of pocket, but we ask you to invest a little bit of your time with us to start out. Oh, and you get to take a free class of your choice!

You are always welcome to volunteer your time, but we also want to show our respect for the expertise in this amazing community of ours. Once we’ve established a relationship, payment is decided on an enrollment basis. On average, we’d like to pay teachers between $25 and $50 a class.

Ready to go?



When you’re ready to pitch your idea, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!