A Very Special Thing

A Very Special Thing

Jul 27, 2023Sam Mills
We are lucky to have very special things happen everyday at The Learnary. This is an extra special kind of special thing.
Yesterday, regular visitors, two lovely women, mother and daughter, brought us this gift. The older woman and us folks at The Learnary do not share a common spoken language, but we do seem to understand one another’s sparkling eyes.
Every time they come to visit, they leave with a collection wonderful delights, many of which are they type of ephemera you can find in our new treasures and curiosities cabinet. Yesterday, they visited the shop especially to gift us this handmade doll - made for us entirely out of things collected at The Learnary!!!
We are deeply touched and delighted by this gift, which will be in a place of pride at The Learnary. Look for her inspiring us all in our fill a bag treasures and curiosities section.  
We hope one day the maker of this doll will come to the Curiosity Table to help neighbours learn how they can make such lovely dolls.
There is so much here to be thankful for: scraps made into beauty, unexpected acts of kindness, connection between people who were just strangers.
Thank you.

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