Why we are

We believe there is necessary beauty in the messy & unpredictable work of people coming together to create, play, lean and build.

Lend your hand to The Learnary!

As we adjust from the pivots of the pandemic closures, we are (re)building structures to support community participation. In the meanwhile, reach out to us directly with your ideas.

Some of the ways you can get involved:

  • host an event at the Community Curiosity Table
  • donate items for resale
  • consign items you make with us
  • offer workshops
  • lend a hand with the day-to-day: we keep a volunteer list of jobs at the till
  • create a window display
  • lend a curiosity item for neighbours to explore
  • make invitations for activities at the curiosity table
  • come in and clean - people are messy
  • share about us on social media, write reviews, tag us etc.
  • come play and join-in our events.

Friend of the Learnary: Subscribed Support

The Learnary is a beloved place, full of possibility and wonder. Everyday, we witness people excited & nourished by our very existence; this is a truly wonderful thing. The Learnary is also a rather ridiculous and unlikely business model. Built largely from committed vision, an abundance of work, & magical thinking, it exists. We intend to keep existing and grow into something sustainable.

If you are able, please financially support this magical place by becoming a monthly supporter & friend of The Learnary.

Creative Space Rental

We have a great space for doing creative work! Perfect for homeschool groups, gathering of friends, small workshops, D&D clubs, meetings, a place to work that is out of the house, and more.


Donate Items

We accept donations of gently used learning supplies, making supplies, games, books, and more.

We use donations to resell, to supply activities, for use in the store, or to build kits.

Random things we are particularly enthusiastic to receive: soapstone, reusable tissue paper, math resources, boardgames, weaving and textile tools, odds and sods for decorating fairy doors, miniatures, and many other things.

Send us an email to inquire if your donation is a good fit for The Learnary.

Interested in getting involved? Donating? Renting the creative space? Let us know!

We look forward to hearing from you!