Why we are

What Learning Means to Us

The Learnary is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to building community, supporting intergenerational learning, and generating curiosity. We think the world is a fascinating place with so much potential. We know that no matter our age or the experiences we’ve had, we all have something to learn and something to share. And we are so happy to learn and share with you.

Why we are "all ages"

We believe it take a village to make a human. This goes for kids and adults alike. Each stage of life has it's own lessons and we are a place where everybody can share the gifts of who they are and what they know.

Why Curiosity Matters

It may sound simple, but we really believe that curiosity will save the world.

When we are curious about each other, we find kindness there. When we get caught up in how scary or unjust the world can be, we only need to get curious about what else is possible and a little hope is sure to emerge. And when we let ourselves be curious about the birds in the trees, suddenly we find ourselves looking up. This is the magic of curiosity. The Learnary is all about finding the magic in kindness, hope and looking up.

About Making

We all learn by playing and making: blocks for building, wooden spoons for creation, crayons for design. When we learn to grip, pull, and move our own bodies, we discover what we are capable of. As adults, sometimes we forget to play. Making things can remind us how good it feels to use our hands and create something.

At The Learnary, we love how the act of making connects us to the materials around us, and can help us see the earth, the source of these materials, more clearly. We believe that making things to use, share, or just enjoy, slows us down, allows us to become more thoughtful, and just generally makes us better humans.
We love to offer opportunites for you to learn new ways of making.