Actual Customer

"Excellent place to spark curiosity ... as well as shop for unique gifts for kids of all ages (including grown up ones)."

Learnary Contributor

Thank you, also, for making a place where people like to talk and be talked to, where kids are heard as equals and adults are comfortable exploring and occasionally (often?) squealing their enthusiasm. It's unique in those things, and it takes time for people to know it, and know they needed it, and trust it - but the solid core of regulars is growing in number, and becoming tighter knit as they recognize each other.

A Friendly Neighbour

Thank you for the newsletter.

I truly enjoyed having some updates; and all the suggestions to honour Black History Month.

I rarely take time to read my emails; but I'm sure glad I decided to read yours. Very inspiring and informative.

I am happy you are in my neighbourhood.

Anonymous Fan

"Totally awesome place - check it out!"

A Distant Admirer

"I’d purchase nearly everything here if I could! You can tell so much thought and consideration are taken to bring in such lovely items! The staff are wonderfully friendly and helpful as well. Just wish I lived a little closer!!"

Happy Neighbour

I am sitting at my desk right now and saw that your email blast just came in. Upon reading it I was struck by just how fortunate I am to have you both and your shop in my neighbourhood and am able to include you in the mechanism for both what I teach my daughter and how she learns.

Thank you so much for sending this out. It was a wholehearted and kind thought that really cut through the rhetoric and noise that tends to drown out reason these days.

So again, thank you!

Abby NicoleHappy Customer

This store is wonderful! They have the perfect selection for a variety of crafts. They have good embroidery thread and patches. Staff there is always helpful. It seems like a lot of cool events happen here, too!

Nikki ClarkeProfessional complimenter

Need a gift for someone who has everything? This is your place. Kid birthday coming up but the idea of yet more plastic from a big box store makes you sick? This is your place. It's full of unique, thoughtful, creative, beautiful, whimsical, practical gifts at all price points. Also, parking is easy, and it's a quite, calm place to shop.

Monical MullerFriendly Customer

Easily my favourite store in Vancouver! Such a great place to buy creative gifts, books, and all sorts of unexpected things. They also have wonderful workshops for all sorts of makers.

Allison Chow AllisonLovely Neighbour

A really special place that adds so much to the neighbourhood and the greater Vancouver. Truly a cozy nook to make and do together and unlock self discovery for learners of all ages. There's an area that's perfect for makers to share their craft and inspirations. I always look forward to finding new and fascinating gems inside.

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The Learnary is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to building community, supporting intergenerational learning, and generating curiosity.

We think the world is a fascinating place with so much potential. We know that no matter our age or the experiences we’ve had, we all have something to learn and something to share. We are so happy to learn and share with you.

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