Myriam's Book Recommendation for September

Myriam's Book Recommendation for September

Sep 18, 2023The Learnary

In addition to being a delightful and curious person with a keen interest in natural curiosities, Myriam loves, loves, loves books.  Stay tuned for monthly book recommendations & reviews from Myriam.  

September's book: 

A Psalm for the Wild-built

by Becci Chambers

This book feels like a thoughtful walk through the forest where there are no sounds besides those of nature and no people to be seen. It follows a nonbinary tea monk on their travels to find what they are missing in their life and to try to take time away to be happier in their life. They meet a robot named Mosscap who wants to learn what humans need and they begin an interesting relationship where both individuals learn from each other and in the end support each other on their unique and connected journeys. 
This book visits an utopian world but it is not without flaws, not everyone is happy all the time and it can still be hard to find out how to fix that. The setting rockets from feeling extremely familiar and soothing to strange and slightly uncomfortable, readers are able to consider what the future could look like in a way that does not disregard the problems of the world as it is now but also does not dwell on them as the only antagonizing force in the story. 
I loved this book a lot and would recommend it to adults and youth alike. It is hopeful without being obnoxious. The characters are loveable and nuanced. The world is visual and swallows you right up. I read this book in an afternoon and I wish it lasted a lifetime. 
- Myriam

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