Myriam's October Book Recommendation: Anatomicum

Myriam's October Book Recommendation: Anatomicum

Oct 10, 2023Myriam Dkystra

Anatomicum, with artwork by Katy Wiedemann and text by Dr. Jennifer Z. Paxton is an incredible book. Both the instructional written content and the beautiful illustrations in this book really makes the human body and the study of anatomy accessible to a wide audience. 

Knowing about your body is really important and this book helps you to get under the surface and learn about what all is going on in your body. There is no disgust at the wonders of the human body and it is celebrated from head to toe (or from skull to phalange). 

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in science and anatomy. It is good for those who wish to peruse on their own or to read with others. This book truly feels like walking through a thoughtfully and artistically curated museum. 

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