December 2022

December 2022

Dec 01, 2022The Learnary

We have lots of new things to share, but first, a message.

We are struggling to make it as a non-profit social enterprise. This year has been our most challenging yet.

The holiday season is a make or break time of year for small retail. We know that everyone is feeling pinched these days, and so we hesitate to ask for help, but we have felt your love over the last four years and we're hoping you'd like to keep us going into our fifth.

So, how can you help?

Well, there are three things. First, as you search for the perfect gifts and holiday treats, please consider us for the dollars you spend this season. Second, please tell your friends about us. And third, help us tell the world (or at least the city) by connecting us with your media saavy contacts. Oh, and if nothing else, just come play at the curiosity table - we love to see you there. Okay, that's four things.

As always,

Thank you for being our community!

And now, on to our newsletter...



This month, learn about folks making paint from pollution (in case you needed proof that artists will save the world); a biodegradable battery (okay, scientists and engineers will help too); and a woman who can smell Parkinson's (also in this awesome podcast).



We have a new website! It's been a LOT of work, but we're really hoping it makes everything easier. We are excited to be offering shipping on an increasing number of items, and we hope our website will soon be more fun and easier to use. Please do us know what you think.


The Mouse Mansion is back! Come by our window and take a peek at all the magical happenings inside. Our lovely young friend who creates this is happy to share her work with you all month.


We are still looking for awesome board members with a range of skills! Folks from equity-seeking groups are encouraged to apply! Email us to find out more.



Did you know we now carry leather DIY kits? These would make incredible gifts for the crafty person you love. Choose from a wallet, glasses case, pencil case or purse kit, in beautiful colours. 


  1. Tanaka Tatsua creates tiny things from everyday objects
  2. Lim Pui Wan makes miniature memories
  3. Joshua Smith brings urban decay down to size
We do so love our miniatures! Come see what tiny delights we have in store....
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