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Mechanical Puzzle Party with Rashmi: Saturday, March 2nd 1:00 - 3:00

NEW DATE! Rescheduled due to weather.

Hosted Community Curiosity Table Event with Rashmi 

No need to register, though,  if you'd like, you can add it to cart as it always makes us happy to know you are coming.

Rashmi has a marvellously extensive mechanical puzzle collection, and an abundance of curiosity for puzzling.  Each puzzle party she brings a different assortment of mechanical puzzles for neighbours to enjoy. 

Bring a mechanical puzzle you love for others to try - try other people's favourite puzzles. We will have puzzles.  You bring puzzles. Everybody plays with puzzles. If something interests you, try to solve it, discuss techniques with each other and then move on to the next puzzle! Everybody takes their own puzzles home.

"Puzzle Party" aims to provide a platform for improving social skills, encourage cooperation to complete the puzzle, take turns and solve each other's problems. When people across generations come together, there is scope for exchange of interesting information and techniques not known to each other. Also, when people from different geographies come together, they can exchange puzzles and information not accessible to one another.

About the hostMy name is Rashmi G C. I live in Vancouver. I am trying to lead a sustainable way of life and take the Do-It-Yourself / Do-It-Together approach to everything. I am actively involved in many community building activities and am very passionate about my work. I love having healthy interactions with people in the community. I host workshops related to various topics to share my knowledge.

Puzzles are interesting and challenging to solve. But once it is solved and the mystery is resolved.. It is not interesting anymore. Most people do not spend time or play with the puzzle once they know the solution. We buy them, solve them, and then they end-up in a box, never to be used again... Instead, let us share them with others who haven't tried it.

With this idea in mind, I started "Puzzle Party". It is a fun and interesting event where people of all ages get together and share puzzles, gain knowledge and have fun!

Letters to my future self


Write a letter this February. We will mail it to you next February.

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Letter writing materials are provided at The Curiosity Table. Or bring the letter you wrote at home.Ensure the letter is properly addressed.  Leave your completed & sealed letter at the till at The Learnary.


Past events

Next Date To Be Determined- Jewellery Repair Drop-In Workshop with Stephanie Menard

This is a reoccurring event. 

All ages. 

No Cost - may be small cost for materials used for repair. 

Registration not required

Stephanie Menard, is formerly of Tiny Finery.  She is a great jeweller, Hastings Sunrise Neighbour, and friend of The Learnary.  

Bring your broken jewelry pieces and Stephany will use her knowledge to help you replace clasps, hooks, fix chains, or reimagine orphan earrings. 


Product title

Let's Get Curious about Our Body Sensations & Feelings Through Scribbling with Kat Grabner, RCC.

Date: March 25 1:30 - 3:30

For adults, youth, & kids.

All abilities