Cherry Picker: Learnary Tinker Kit


A Learnary Trade Skills Kit for Tinkering with Heavy Machinery

Recommended for ages 8+

Cherry pickers are machines that are used all over the place to rescue cats and help firefighters and other helpful people do things high up. The cool thing is that as the platform moves up it stays horizontal, so the people on the platform don't fall out! This model uses the same principles as those used in real Cherry Pickers, except you use water instead of hydraulic fluid. Once made, this Cherry Picker, made by Pathfinders Design and Technology, with additional supporting material from The Learnary, provides an excellent example of how we use technology to reach those hard to get places. Great fun for kids to learn about hydraulics and simple machines, including levers and parallel linkages.

To be used for classrooms, small groups, and families.
Packaged Dimensions: 11 1/8" x 8 3/4" x 2"