Copper Keychain: Learnary Tinker Kit


A Learnary Trade Skills Kit for Tinkering with Metalwork
Recommended for ages 8+

Copper is a beautiful material that has been used by humans for at least 8000 years. As a soft metal, it’s great for making projects without heavy tools or machinery. While it starts out shiny and reddy-gold, it turns a beautiful green colour when it is exposed to air over time. Copper is super conductive and one of the ways it’s used most is to move electricity. It is also anti-microbial (which means it can kill bacteria and viruses on contact). Because of this, it is now being used on bus handles to kill the Covid virus and even in socks to make them less stinky! With this kit you will be able to make one or two personalized copper keychains.

Learn how to shape and mark copper, sand metal, and create your own customized keychains. This kit contains all the supplies you will need to get started on making two projects.

Packaged Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Our classroom sets are simply packaged with all the same supplies as in the individual kits and can be shipped anywhere in BC. Shipping costs will be calculated after purchase and you will be sent a separate invoice.

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