Fairy Door Kit by the Learnary


Make magic in your neighbourhood!

This kit has everything you need to decorate your very own fairy door (wooden door, acrylic paint, bits and bobs for gluing, glue, and a wooden key). 

We recommend you paint a coat of colour on first. Let it dry, then glue on your decorations and add additional colour as you go.

When you are ready to give it to the fairies, find a location you like and attach it with a nail or a bit of glue (please be gentle with trees).

Don't forget to leave the key nearby. You'll know the fairies come to stay when the key is gone...

Did you know there's a special website showing local fairy doors?
Visit www.fairydoorsofvancouver.com and be inspired!

See the images of the process of making the fairy door Stephanie made to live in The Learnary. 

Great for age 5+.