Hydraulic Gearbot: Learnary Tinker Kit

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A Learnary Trade Skills Kit for Tinkering with Heavy Machinery
Recommended for ages 14+

The Hydraulic Gearbot, developed by Pathfinders Design and Technology, with additional supporting material from The Learnary, has a super fun mechanism to fling things around from a small cup, using the power of water! Learn how hydraulic machines work as you build and use this advanced kit, not to mention impressing your friends with your popcorn throwing abilities.

While the kit can be made by people younger than 14 (we think kids aged 9+ have the skills), it does launch a projectile, so is rated 14+. If used by people under 14, please make sure there is parental supervision for the launching.

To be used for classrooms, small groups, and families.
Packaged Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 3"