Discover: Makedo Cardboard Construction Tool Set


This is the ultimate cardboard construction kit for your squad. Be it family or friends, young or old, solo, duo or more... this toolbox contains all the age suitable tools needed to collaborate and make just about anything from up-cycled cardboard.

Imagine costumes, vehicles, forts & creatures! An immersive, hack-able world of your own making is at your fingertips. This toolbox has every tool in the Makedo arsenal so you and your crew can perfect the art of cardboard construction.

126 pieces. Kit contents: 2x SAFE-SAW 1x FOLD-ROLLER 1x SCRU-DRIVER 90x SCRU 30x SCRU+ 2x MINI-TOOL

Makedo is one of The Learnary's very favourite things.  Almost indestructible, it will last an entire childhood, and if you are willing to let go of it, can be passed from family to family.  No more waiting for fridge boxes, you can make amazing creations, and useful tools out of cardboard of all sizes.  

See "Mikey" our November 2023 window display made by Eleanor with Makedo.