Explore: Makedo Cardboard Construction Tool Set


Kids love their boxes! Gift them this starter toolbox of Makedo to take that love of making and play into another realm of imagination. This is pure, no-tech (but tech-friendly*) fun for kids of all ages. * incorporate other tech maker products to add movement and light to your creations

Simple and safe, cardboard construction has never been this easy. Anything is possible from a gnome to a knight, a critter to a castle as the happy makers up-cycle, up-skill, problem solve and develop critical 21st century thinking skills.

50 pieces. Kit contents: 1x SAFE-SAW 1x SCRU-DRIVER 36x SCRU 12x SCRU+ 1x BONUS MINI-TOOL

Makedo is one of The Learnary's very favourite things.  Almost indestructible, it will last an entire childhood, and if you are willing to let go of it, can be passed from family to family.  No more waiting for fridge boxes, you can make amazing creations, and useful tools out of cardboard of all sizes.  

See "Mikey" our November 2023 window display made by Eleanor with Makedo.