Tiny Polka Dot by Math For Love


Sixteen easy-to-learn games help kids fall in love with numbers! Playfully teaches counting, arithmetic, and logic. Vibrant, colorful designs. Easy to adapt to any child. 

This deck is a favourite item of The Learnary. It beautifully promotes nimbleness, play, and deep learning.  Explore the Math For Love webpage for many more games to play with this awesome deck of cards.  

You may be comfortable recognizing five written as a number, or as you see it on a die, but what if they are scattered, or in columns built for 10s?  Recognizing all sorts of collections as the same number is a key foundation for grasping numbers. 

Please note: We have a hard time keeping these in stock, but they are constantly coming in,  If we are currently out of stock, or have less stock than you need, just let us know of your interest, and we will ensure they get to you right away!

Schools: If another payment structure is needed, please contact us directly.  We can work with your school's payment process and ship directly to you.