Tiny Polka Dot by Math For Love


Tiny Polka Dot is the playful way for children ages 3 – 8 and up to fall in love with numbers. With eye-catching, colorful cards and 16 easy-to-learn games, Tiny Polka Dot is built to grow with your child, teaching critical skills in counting, arithmetic, and logic along the way. Easy to adapt to any child. 

This deck of cards is a favourite item of The Learnary. It beautifully promotes being nimble with numbers, deep learning and playful engagement. Great for very young and older children alike.   Explore the Math For Love webpage for many more games to play with this awesome deck of cards.  

You may be comfortable recognizing five written as a number, or as you see it on a die, but what if they are scattered, or in columns built for 10s?  Recognizing all sorts of collections as the same number is a key foundation for grasping numbers. 

Learn to play HERE.

We love Math For Love's Guide for Grown Ups.

Download a teaching booklet for Tiny Polka Dots from the folks at Math for Love HERE

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