Old Time Dance Party: Guide to Square Dance Calling by Paul Silveria

By local square dance caller, Paul Silveria 

This CD and booklet guide to square dancing includes:
Explanations of common moves.
Instructions for 5 great dances for beginners - Virginia Reel, Bird in the Cage, Bird Fly Through, Shoot that Bird Home, and Butterfly Twirl.
Tips and advice for learning to call, finding musicians, booking venues, and outreach to your community.
A memoir of my favourite (and least favourite!) dance calling experiences. Originally published in the Old Time Herald.
7 hand-drawn dance illustrations, plus additional diagrams.
A professionally recorded CD with music and calls for each dance in the booklet, performed by the house band for my monthly dances: the Estro-Jennies! (5 tracks with calls, and the same 5 tracks without calls)
All in a beautifully letter-pressed cover done by Porchlight Press