Friend of the Learnary Monthly Membership


Love what we do at the Learnary? You can support us and be part of our community too! There are several membership options to choose from.

 Friend of the Learnary Tier 1: Let's keep going!     

      Just $5/month. Comes with the perk of feeling good.

Friend of the Learnary Tier 2: Let's build up!

      For $10/month you will feel great about yourself, and get:

  • 20% off Be Curious merchandise (mugs and posters)
  • Full access to Teacher Lending Library 
  • Special member rates on space rental, workshops, programs and events 
  • Early registration to select events, program and workshops
  • Special invitations to Members Appreciation Nights in Store

Friend of the Learnary Tier 3 : Let's grow big!

     For $20/month, you will feel fabulous about yourself, get all the benefits of Tier        2, AND:

  • A gift of a Learnary Brand mug or poster 
  • 10% off all Learnary Brand Kits in store and online 
  • Recognition as a donor/supporter on our website and in store


Friend of the Learnary Tier 4: Let's dream!

        For $40/month, you will know you've made a difference in the world, get all the         benefits of Tier 2 and 3, AND:

  • Receive a special gift created just for you by the folks at The Learnary