The Curiosity Table: Standing Activities



Letters & pop up cards February 2024


For the month of February, come by the curiosity table and write a letter to or about something you love, construct a pop up card, or write a letter to yourself, which we will send to you in one year's time.  

The Community Curiosity Table at The Learnary is at the heart of our shop: a space for people of all ages to be curious together.  Drop in anytime we are open. 

All Ages

No Cost - Donations Welcome


  • March: fairies

    Join us at The Curioisty Table

    A community "kitchen table": informal, welcoming, & nourishing.

    Drop in anytime the shop is open and make something, share something, learn something, or just have a chat.

    Stay for a little, stay for a while. All ages. Masked.

    There is no cost for activities. Donations appreciated.

    Activities change monthly.


    2023 Monthly Invitations

    Most of the Time: Space Roll Game

    Can you make it to Pluto? Do you want to try? This game is an awesome challenge for all ages. Beware, you may need to come back again and again. Those who make it to Pluto get their name on our hall of fame.

    January: Stitch

    Our Community Embroidery Project is out on the table. Come try your hand at stitching!

    February: Letters to my Future Self

    Write a love letter to yourself in the future, and next year we will post it to you. Note: there is a $5 fee for the postage service.

    February: Love Letters

    Come craft a special letter or drawing for a loved one. Send an appreciation to a person you are thankful for. There are so many reasons to share love. We have paper craft supplies to create this.

    February: Collage & Paper-craft

    Cutting and pasting is for all ages. Come and create - perhaps turn your creation into a love letter.

    For a while: Play with Upscale Pattern Blocks by Math for Love

    These are so very satisfying to play and make patterns with. They are a beautiful tool for equivalent fractions and other math explorations. The Learnary is proud to carry Math for Love products in the shop.

    March: Hydrolic Building Sets

    Come play with this stupendous classroom hydraulic construction set made by the great folks at Pathfinders. Fantastic for challenging all ages. Note: this kit can be rented from The Learnary upon request.

    Most of the time: Keva Planks

    We have a bowl of keva plans for building. Though truthfully, they are rarely on the table, and more often found on the floor. Keva blocks are simple in design and stupendous in action.

    April: Drawing & Painting

    Come make art. The table is full of supplies waiting for you.

    May: Weaving

    Come contribute to our community weaving project, or build a small cardboard loom of your own. Working with yarn is incredibly pleasing.

    May: Mending

    Bring by your mending. We have supplies, and sometimes we can help figure out how to fix or darn that thing you've been meaning to fix for a while. 

    June & July: Stitch

    Our Community Embroidery Project is out on the table. Come try your hand at stitching!

    Ongoing: Play with the Dictionary

    This is a BIG BOOK full of MANY words. It is rather a cool thing to spend some time with.

    August: Natural Curiosities

    Come explore some of the natural wonders from The Learnary's collection.

    September: Weave a friendship bracelet

    All the supplies and instructions included. Come spend some time making friends.

    October: Explore Bones & Skulls

    Can you decipher whose skull is whose? Look for eye placement and teeth. These provide useful information. The Curioisty table will be full of actives about bones and skeletons.

    November: Winter Celebration Garlands

    Come build a beautiful paper garland to bring a calm ritual to your winter home. Start it here, and take it home to finish. Inspired by Arounna Khounnoraj's new book.

    December: Play with Learnary Things

    We bring out samples of many of the fun Learnary delights. Come and play.