Art Workshops for Children

Goodness. This book is magic. It has "for children" in the title, but I think that was a decision of the publisher. This is a book for community, creative connection across the ages. We love this book. A great resource for schools, community centres, and all people who organize small groups of people in creative adventures.

by Hervé Tullet

Art Workshops for Children is a guide for parents and teachers to organize and execute artistic workshops for children. 12 workshops are featured, each offering a list of materials needed, a step–by–step guide to facilitation, practical tips, illustrated examples, and photos of workshops in progress.

The workshops are designed to spark children's imaginations, champion group bonding, and give visually pleasing results – with no artistic ability required.

Tried and tested around the world by children of all ages. Perfect for organizing group events at home, in schools, at parties, at museums – anywhere!