Beeswax Thread Gem Pure Conditioner/Wax (Posey Handmade)


100% Beeswax Thread Gem: Pure Beeswax Thread Conditioner by Posey Handmade. Made from 100% pure beeswax, these cute little gems will help keep your hand-stitching thread from tangling and help your thread to glide through the material easier. These gems are approximately .5 ounces each and 1.25in x 1in. Each gem comes in a little zip lock baggie for safekeeping as well as a handy metal tin. 100% pure beeswax may discolor light colored fabrics and thread. Be sure run thread through your fingers to remove excess wax before stitching to reduce any potential discoloration.

Made of: Beeswax and Metal Tin
Use: Thread Wax
Size: 1.25in x 1in Tin
Included: 0.5oz wax per Tin