Lyra super ferby lacquered neon pencils - 6 assorted colours


Let your inner rainbow glow with the super ferby neon pencils from Lyra. These neon pencils are thick and sturdy with break-resistant lead, making them perfect for kiddo art projects. Inspire your inner artist with this pack of bright, high-pigmented colours that will bring vibrancy and life to your artwork.

Lyra art supplies are trusted in schools across the globe for being sturdy, long-lasting, and of the highest pigment quality. The rounded triangular shape makes them easy and comfortable to grip. These pencils deliver pigment that is long-lasting, smudge-proof, and water-resistant. 

  • made in Germany
  • includes 6 neon pencils: luminous yellow, luminous orange, luminous red, luminous pink, luminous blue, luminous green
  • rounded triangular shaped barrel encourages proper grip
  • thick, break-resistant lead
  • pencils measure 175mm long and 10mm diameter with 6.25mm thick lead
  • PEFC-certified 
  • not recommended for under 3 years

cardboard box, length: 175 mm, diam. 10 mm, lead diam. 6.25 mm, lacquered

6 colours. colours: 304 luminous yellow | 313 luminous orange | 317 luminous red | 328 luminous pink | 347 luminous blue | 371 luminous green